For those of you who have read my previous blog on skincare, I imagine you agreed with how important it is to take care of the skin on your face; especially as we get older! It is not just the skin on our faces we need to take care of though. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to treat the skin on the rest of your body exactly the same as your treat your face, in particular your hands!

Most of all our skincare routines involve some sort of cleanser, exfoliator/scrub, toner, serum/oil and moisturiser. Bearing this in mind I am not saying we need to have such a rigorous skincare routine for our body but to use a selection of these products on a regular basis is so beneficial.

We all have very different types of skin too and of course choosing the right products is a very personal thing. This will usually take a couple of trial and error instances in order to find what works best for your skin. As with facial care and hair care, it helps to sometimes mix it up a bit too between different products!

I tend to stick to most of the same products as I know what works for me however one thing I have struggled to find is a good scrub that suits my skin! There are literally so many body scrubs on the market and they all range in texture, smell, ingredients, price, brand etc etc it really is so difficult to choose! The thing is with scrub too is you usually have to use it a once or twice a week over the course of about a month to really tell if it works for you.

Elle & I were talking about this recently and she was telling me about a new scrub she had just been recommended. It is from a brand called Frank Body and the one I have tried is the Coconut Coffee Scrub. Without being too obvious, it is essentially made up of coconut, coffee and other various oils so as you can imagine it smells divine (especially if like me you enjoy that smell of coffee!). It is quite a grainy texture rather than creamy like some others. I prefer this type of texture as it feels like more of a scrub and I think it gives better results too! Another bonus is that it is also vegan friendly so it is really is accessible for everyone!