I remember when CND first brought out shellac – it was like a miracle for manicures and pedicures! This alien product that promised no chips and to last weeks – the best thing about it being this was all true! I think shellac has been one of the best products to hit the beauty world and it most definitely helps keep up our manicured appearance! 
However, I do know some people prefer not to stick with shellac and do prefer polish for a number of reasons. One being that polish is slightly cheaper when going to a salon and also shellac, if kept on for prolonged periods of time and not soaked off properly, can in some cases make your nails slightly weaker. CND answered all these peoples’ prayers when they recently introduced a new range called CND Vinylux. This is essentially a nail polish but with the same long lasting effects of shellac – without the need to wait under a UV light! From personal experience, hands down the only difference is the lack of UV light but Vinylux is super quick dry so you aren’t walking round with your fingers or toes spread to avoid smudges! 
Also to those who like myself have their favourite shellacs by name – the Vinylux range have bene brought out in exactly the same colours with the same names so you can stick to your favourites! 
I have a regular pedicure with Elle and I tend to alternate between the shellac and Vinylux depending what I am feeling. The results following a pedicure from Elle are just amazing and I really couldn’t recommend this experience any more! Elle has a full range of the CND shellac and the CND Vinylux so you really are in your element – unless you are like me and are the worst at trying to make decisions but in which case Elle always gives good advice and I never regret my choice! 
So if you love shellac but have never tried the Vinylux range I would definitely recommend giving it a go as sometimes when you just want a polish, your mind can be put to rest at that you won’t have chipped nails after a week! 
With love
Lucy xxx