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So I have to admit, I am not an avid user of false tan as I have olive skin and have always
preferred to be more au natural. I also have to admit I have had almost a phobia of it mainly due to
the stigma about it smelling of biscuits!!

When the gorgeous Elle offered to do a spray tan for my sister Sophie & I a couple of weeks before
Sophie’s wedding to trial it for her big day we decided to go for it! Elle assured us the tan she used
did not smell and it takes to the melanin in your own skin so it was much more natural than others

you may see (also Elle is just fabulous so I think we would take her word for anything)!

We prepped our skin with the Fake Bake Coconut body scrub to ensure the tan would take. The tan
Elle used on us was the Fake Bake flawless and it was amazing. It gave you an almost instant
glow but so natural. We had the spray tan done around 4ish and Elle advised to wait around 6-8
hours before showering depending on how dark you wanted it. We both decided to shower it off
after around 6-6 1/2 hours as for our first one we wanted to see how it took to our skin.

The colour was amazing! It looked like I had been in the  SUN FOR A WEEK and everyone kept asking
where I had been. There was no smell of biscuits (thank god), it smelt like coconut in fact! Elle
gave us both the Fake Bake Coconut oil free moisturiser and this helped maintain the tan. It faded
really naturally too – none of those patches you see/hear about from bad spray tans, you honestly

wouldn’t have known we had been for it done!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone; even those who are not regular uses of false tan! As
a lover of the sun, I have to accept it is a much safer way of getting that gorgeous tan we are all

With Love Lucy xxx