So who doesn’t love wearing no make up? I feel like there is no feeling like taking your make up off, eye make up in particular, after a long day! Those of you who are sitting there thinking ‘definitely me’, I am with you and I have great news!

I have recently had the LVL lashes done (Length; Volume; Lift) and OH MY GOSH I cannot be happier with them! I am one of those people who prefer not to wear make up for work during the week (where I can get away with it – some days need it!) and since having my lashes done I have just felt so much more confident in going make up free.

You can also throw away your eyelash curlers as they are definitely not needed – the difference in them when you put mascara on is just amazing.

The treatment itself takes around 45-50 minutes. The gorgeous Elle makes you so comfortable for this treatment though so the time flies and it is so relaxing you could even take the opportunity to have a sneaky nap!

The treatment is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. Elle started off by cleaning my lashes and placing a small piece of silicone over my bottom lashes to protect them whilst my eyes were open. I then closed my eyes whilst Elle combed through the lashes and placed another small piece of silicone above my top lashes before pushing the lashes back onto the silicone and applying the first solution to perm the lashes.

The next step was an ointment to neutralise the lashes before then applying the tint. Elle gives you a small lash brush to take away with a moisturising ointment to apply to your lashes for the few days following the treatment. I found this really helped and I also found it has prolonged the treatment effects. It has now been 4 weeks since I had my lashes done and you wouldn’t know it wasn’t yesterday.

It was honestly the most relaxing beauty treatment I have had done to my eyes and I can assure that you will only agree!

I could not believe the results and was even more surpised when Elle told me they would last 6-8 weeks!

I will definitely be keeping up with this treatment and I would recommend it to all!

Remember to be your own kid of beautiful! 

With Love Lucy xxx