The wall of fame.

I am lucky to be established with the brand FakeBake as the only trainer in Liverpool. I work with the celebs must have tanning brand and will spray tan for big events such as television programs, photo shoots, launch parties and many more!

I wanted to write a blog and show of a couple of my favourite events I’ve attended!

I love being apart of the International company Fake Bake and I couldn’t recommend the products more, as a teenager I experimented with self tan I always had tan on even for school……….. Although my legs were more orange then bronzed!!!

I remember at the end of year 11 we had an awards ceremony and people would vote for silly awards and I actually got voted for the worse fake tan award….. This is before I found FakeBake!

But who’d of known at the age of 16 when everyone in the year was laughing at me I would then go on to achieve my goal in the beauty industry and now own the franchise of FakeBake tan training in Liverpool!

I absolutely love teaching the FakeBake course tanning has always been a passion of mine and to be able to deliver the training with an amazing brand is a dream come true!


Not many weeks go by without me having a FakeBake spray tan but now I’m pleased to say my tan always looks natural and bronzed rather then ORANGE!!!!

FakeBake has premium ingredients in there products they are all natural, not tested on animals, with a high level of DHA in them……You will have to attend the course if you’d like to find out more about why these products are THE BEST!!!!


Enough about me and back to the wall of fame I have loved all the celebrities I have worked, last year I was lucky enough to work with the Dancing on Ice cast and attended the show. It was an amazing experience meeting the olympic world Champaign’s Torvill and Dean who were judging the show!


As a big fan over the only way is Essex I have worked with the shows favourite stars such as Harry Derbidge & Gemma Collins who both are a big fans of our city! Harry was staring in The Salon Theatre performance in Liverpool! Gemma enjoyed visiting Liverpool and was filming for one of her shows and loved her Fake Bake tan, pedicure, brows and nails in our salon at The Secret Warehouse!











have worked with many television starts and reality tv starts such as Helen Flanagan, Charlotte Dawson, Chloe Khan and many more!






I love this side of my work meeting new people and working on exciting projects such as TV shows, Fashion shows, Modelling shoots.

Here are a couple of are photos from the wall of fame, I will keep you all updated and make sure to fill you in what happens behind the scene at Boutique Beauty Training!