I always look forward to December as it is always full of exciting and festive plans however as
Christmas approaches (as it has done quicker than ever this year!) I really start to flag! Whilst I
LOVE Christmas, I am not a winter person – these dark mornings and nights really make it hard!
If you are like me and are starting to feel like staying in is far more attractive than going out, let us
give you a couple of ideas to create your own ultimate night in of pampering for you and the girls;
this is also ideal now all those (heavy) Christmas nights out and parties are coming to an end to
put yourself back together again!
One part of me that always suffers this time of year, partly due to the dramatic drop in the
temperature, partly due to all the partying, are my lips. They always seem to get so dry and
chapped I am forever layering them in Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (the best thing to ever exist).
One thing I have also discovered this winter is a Gold Collagen Hydrogel Lip Mask. This is a god
send and so easy to use. Just take it out the plastic and place it over your lips (pretty self-
explanatory when you see the shape of the mask haha). It will feel a little cool when you first place
it on (must be to dry lips) and if you leave it on for the full 15 minutes you will feel and see the
effects straight away!
During the summer we are always so attentive to our feet however those who say are the same
throughout the winter lie. We definitely do not give our feet enough attention in the winter, I fully
admit! I recently ran my first (and only) full marathon in Chester and my feet were destroyed. Elle,
the queen of pedicures, rescued them as best she could but also recommended me a deep
moisturising foot pack you can use at home. I have now been using these plus having regular
pedicures and I cannot tell you the difference. They are literally just like socks and are so soothing
and comfortable, you have them on for around 15 – 20 minutes.
Both the lip masks and foot packs you can buy anywhere you can buy health and beauty they
really are so accessible!
Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy all of those festivities you have planned but
don’t forget to look after yourself in between so you don’t run into the ground!
Love Lucy XXX