Becoming pregnant causes so many different physical and emotional changes to your body,
I mean you are growing another human being – for me personally, I sometimes feel I am on
a hormonal roller coaster…but I love roller coasters so it’s not too bad!
During the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, I feel I was quite lucky actually. Other than
feeling more tired than usual, and a little bit nauseous from time to time, I feel I managed to
escape some of the more debilitating side effects that some women suffer during those first
few weeks. However, as I approached my 2 nd trimester as baby started to grow at a much
faster rate, I really started to notice it after a long day at work. I had aches and pains all over
that often felt like I’d had a heavy gym session or I had really bad jet lag! I find light exercise
such as pregnancy yoga, swimming and walking followed by a long relaxing bath worked a
treat here but I was in desperate need of some TLC.

It was at this perfect time (about 20 weeks pregnant), I booked myself a pregnancy massage
with Elle from Boutique Beauty &Training. The massage lasts about 1 hour and starts with
the most amazing back exfoliation and massage whilst you’re lying on your side to
accommodate your growing bump. This is followed by leg, feet, arms, hands, neck and head
massage. You can opt for a bump massage too which I’d definitely recommend, Elle is so
unbelievably gentle and I found it a really lovely experience. Pregnancy friendly oils and
moisturisers are used that smell divine. Although I had to change position from one side to
the other half way through, I barely remember as I was semi-conscious and probably
snoring due to being so ultimately relaxed. Elle was so aware of my bump and made sure I
was comfortable at all times.

I can’t recommend this pregnancy massage enough; all ladies should indulge in a luxury for
themselves at some point every month but a massage when pregnant is so beneficial as well
as the ultimate luxury! I slept the entire time, woke up to feel noticeably less anxious about
what I had to achieve that week and also slept like a baby with significantly less back and leg
aches and pains. I have already booked my next massage and plan to have one every 4
weeks as my bump continues to grow. As I prepare for a positive birthing experience, I am
practising hypnobirthing techniques and this massage with Elle has done wonders already to
help me mentally and physically prepare.

Elle also offers the pre & post natal course, you will learn the theory and massage techniques needed to provide pre and post natal treatments for mothers to be or nursing mothers. This fantastic course with allow you to offer massage treatments to expectant mothers and new mothers. It is very important for you to understand the techniques and products you can and cant use before providing treatments to pregnant women. Please note you will need an accredited massage qualification to complete this course.

Sending lots of love and wishing all the new mums well on there journey!

Sophie xxx